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Our mobile cocktail events company has been bringing originality to a whole range of events throughout Melbourne and Victoria, offering you the Ultimate Cocktail Experience. Whether you’re throwing a charity event, planning a big party with your friends or want to impress your clients at a corporate gathering, our mobile cocktail service is highly unique to Melbourne. If you’ve ever wanted to have catering for your event, but believe beer, wine and spirits is a little too overdone, then let us help you be the point of difference.

Our professional bartenders will whip up a delicious array of cocktails that are guaranteed to delight. The menu is created by understanding your own requirements, by complementing your food, music, theme, age group, taste preferences, budget and atmosphere with drinks that are more styled to your specific event.
We make the act of savoring a cocktail and immerse sensory experience by serving you and your guests pre-selected cocktails in the same vein as you would serve a banquet dinner. This allows everyone in attendance to sample each cocktail and really get to know  every unique hint of flavour in each drink created.
By structuring the serving of the cocktails around your event, we can put more emphasis on the drinks and treat your guests (and their taste buds) to a truly memorable occasion.

Cocktails by Design
0409 952 604

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Our state of the art illuminated mobile cocktail bar has been designed around practicality and visual impact that allows our mobile bartenders to showcase their skills.
The LED lighting built into the bar can be set for your specific theme or revolving through the entire colour spectrum which helps create the party atmosphere, providing a level of sophistication whilst blending seamlessly into your setting.

Attention to detail, quality product all complemented with a friendly smile.
- it’s in every customer we serve, and every cocktail we create.

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